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  • Plan your upcoming homeschool year in the context of prayer, surrounded by images of Christ and the saints, reminding you always of our ultimate goals!

    This instant-download PDF includes 29 pages of prayer, planning, and accountability tools. New for the 2018-19 school year is a Liturgical Seasons Calendar Planner, which lists the weeks clearly, color-coded by liturgical season with major feasts and holy days of obligation noted, so that you can clearly and easily arrange your academic schedule around the rhythms of the Church calendar!


    Complete contents:


    First things First

    • Prayers for Planning


    Know your Goals

    • Goals Worksheet: Home School
    • Goals Worksheet: Teacher
    • Goals Worksheet: Student


    Plan your Curricula

    • Resource Planner
    • Purchase Planner


    Plan your Year

    • Year at a Glance
    • Course of Study: Year plan with 3 Terms
    • Course of Study: Year plan with 4 terms
    • Weekly Schedule (Blank)
    • Weekly Schedule by half-hour
    • Field Trip Planner


    In the Classroom

    • Daily Schedule
    • Student Weekly Checklist
    • Weekly Checkbox Schedule: 4 days
    • Weekly Checkbox Schedule: 5 Days
    • Reading Log
    • Attendance Record
    • Gradebook


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    Thank you and God bless your homeschool year!

    Printable Catholic Homeschool Planner