• The Marian Martha Virtues Planner is a new kind of planner.


    It takes the concept of the "devotional planner" and brings it one step further, to contextualize your entire day within your journey in faith. So much so that you could even use it alongside another liturgical planner, using the daily space for reflections and journaling, instead of appointments, or to keep note of your school assignments, homeschool schedule, or work and business goals. The Marian Martha Virtues Planner is versatile enough to serve as your entire faith/life planning system, or to supplement the system you already love with a deeper journey into one aspect of your life in faith: Virtue.


    The theme of this devotional planner is the journey of growth in the seven Virtues of Catholic and Christian tradition. It begins with the three Theological virtues--Faith, Hope, and Charity (Love)--and is completed with the four Cardinal virtues--Prudence, Justice, Fortitude, and Temperance. 


    Each Virtue has quotes from the Catechism, the Bible, the saints and the poets, to help you understand the meaning and delve more deeply into the significance of these virtues in your life. Each has space to journal and "goal plan" your growth in virtue, each page illuminated by a simple, vintage rendering of a flower with traditional symbolism for that virtue.


    There are eight undated weeks provided for each virtue, so that you may use this planner/journal however best fits your life and your adoption of new habits. Research on habit-growth has shown that four to eight weeks of focus on developing a single habit is necessary for that new habit to become a permanent part of our character. You know yourself best, so you can take as many or as few weeks as you need to aid your journey closer to Christ. You can take all eight in one go; you can take six weeks here, seven there, as you need them; or you can devote four weeks to each virtue the first time through, and work through the second four weeks a second time, to complete your year.


    With eight weeks for each virtue, there are 56 weekly spreads all together, giving you more than a year of planning and growing in your faith!


    Every planner contains:



     + A full-year blank calendar for 2019 and 2020

     + A week-by-week, color-coded Liturgical Year calendar for 2019-20 with the principal feasts and seasons of the year

     + 12 pages with the Feasts and devotion for each month of 2020, with both the Novus Ordo and the Traditional (Extraordinary Form) Calendars, so that you can enter the feasts you most want to focus on in your own monthly and weekly planning



     + Four full pages introducing and offering quotes, images, and reflection space to dive more deeply into your understanding of and devotion to each virtue

     + A blank calendar spread before every four weeks to plan feasts, appointments, etc. (two per virtue)

     + Eight undated weekly spreads for each virtue, containing: bullet journal-style, veritcal layout for each day of the week; a quote on that virtue and a reflection question for your growth; an hourly breakdown for appointments with symbols to indicate the Hour of Mercy (3pm) and the given hours at which the Angelus is prayed (6am, 12pm, and 6pm); space to record the month, dates, and monthly devotion; weekly habit tracking; daily space at the top for feasts and major appointments, and at the end of each day for meal plans, gratitude, or Examennotes; and a versatile space at the start of each week for making to-do lists, meal plans, shopping lists, and more


    // Throughout, you will find:

     + Simple, vintage floral imagery on almost every page with rich symbolism for each virtue

     + Full-page quotes for meditation, offering plenty of white space for a peaceful visual, as well as room for journaling, sketching, or whatever flows from your mind to the page

     + And a Daily Examenon the final page, as always, for easy reference to pray and reflect at the end of your day


    This hard-copy planner is printed on thick, high-quality paper with a 10ml laminated cover. The cover is 7 3/4" x 10," and the interior pages are printed at 7" x 9 1/2" -- the perfect size to leave you plenty of room for all you want to write and still carry it conveniently with you. There is even room within the cover to add your favorite monthly or themed planner tabs!


    I pray that this planner/journal helps you in your journey toward a deeper relationship with Christ! Please don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have. 


    And if you have used and enjoyed a Marian Martha planner before, please leave a review here to share your experience with others!


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    Marian Martha Virtues Planner


      © 2018 by Amy Horan